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Greek contracting authorities are obliged to send to the Unit:

     draft text of prior information notice
     draft text of contract notice
     draft text of contract documents
     draft contract award notice
     draft notice for additional information, information on incomplete procedure or corrigendum

BEFORE submitting them for publication to the Official Journal of the EU and generally BEFORE launching the award procedure.

Draft notices should concern public works and technical services contracts that fall within the field of application of community Directives on public procurement.

Drafts are sent by fax (2310 476 105), e-mail (mopadis@cieel.gr) or post (Public Procurement Monitoring Unit, P.O. Box 14, 551 02 Kalamaria). In any case, a) they should always be accompanied by a cover letter with registration number in which the contracting authority specifies its request and b) they should also be submitted electronically (in a Word or PDF format, via e-mail or CD).


Greek contracting authorities are entitled to ask the Unit:

For a preventive legality monitoring of the above mentioned notices
For written answers to their written questions with regard to problems they face during the award of public works and services contracts
For assistance at the precontractual stage of public works and services contract awarding in case of complaints concerning infringements of community or national transposition law, so as to obtain a more complete justification and documentation of their views.

The Unit forwards the replies firstly by fax and then by post.

Help Desk - NEW

Greek contracting authorities are entitled to ask the Unit:

General information concerning the EU public procurement law
Information concerning the procedure for dispatching public procurement notices to the Office for Official Publications of the European Union
Clarifications concerning the written opinions dispatched to them by the Unit.

Information is provided so far only over the phone. For complex issues that cannot be briefly clarified, the contracting authorities should submit a written request for legal support. The Help Desk conversations are not recorded and therefore the Unit reserves the right for itself for a final interpretation.

The Help Desk functions on a daily basis (Monday to Friday) from 12:00 to 14:30 via the phone centre of the PUBLIC PROCUREMENT MONITORING UNIT (2310 476 103-4).

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