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Monitoring - Advisory Support

According to its established competences, the PPMU:
performs a preventive as well as repressive monitoring of legality during the precontractual stage of a large number of national public works and technical services contracts (Prior information/periodic indicative notice, contract notice and contract documents, contract award notice)
provides coordinated advisory support to written and oral questions of greek contracting authorities
drafts Regulations of Works, Services and Supplies as well as Contract Documents
offers specialised legal services to contracting authorities following special agreements

Research - Documentation

In the framework of its research activity the PPMU:
follows all european developments on public procurement issues, clarifies obscure community provisions and contributes to the consolidation of single rules on interpretation and implementation issues of relevant law
publishes advisory Guides as well as the law review «Public Procurement and State Aid»
organises bibliographic and jurisprudential data base
maintains a web site with interesting information for private and public institutions active in the field of public procurement

International action

Active in international level, the PPMU:
provides advisory support to the Cypriot Republic on issues concerning the implementation of public procurement community law and national transposition law, in the framework of a relevant agreement
participates in European Programmes on Public Procurement
acts as a communication channel between greek authorities and competent EU bodies, contributing to the creation of a mutual relationship of trust with competent EU services and improving remarkably the image of Greece in the EU

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